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BIJ Drones Report

This research was undertaken in the frame of Forensic Architecture - a European Research Council project, and together with its London based team.

Collaborating with Forensic Architecture, SITU Research produced an interactive platform for the Bureau of Investgative Journalism (BIJ) documenting US drone strikes in Pakistan from 2004 - 2014.  Released concurrently with a written report,  the results reveal a heavy emphasis on domestic targets.

The platform is built from the BIJ's database of strikes and cross references the reported number of casualties, time and location, as well as an array of target types. A timeline slider allows users to shift through strike results one month at a time, revealing evolving policies after key geopolitical events, such as the suicide attack on the CIA's Camp Chapman in December 2009. A selectable legend enables users to focus on specific target types, such as vehicles or domestic structures, and the number of casualties is indicated by the scale of circles on the map.